Boys With Dreams Become Men With Purpose - Necklace Double Sided

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"Boys With Dreams Become Men With Purpose"

All over the world, lions represent strength, courage, balance, and leadership. A lion’s roar can be heard up to five miles away and will strike terror into the hearts of animals and humans alike. They fearlessly defend their territory and protect the weaker members of the pride, yet when at rest, they balance ferociousness with affection and playfulness. Young cubs look up to them and mimic their steadfast behavior, dreaming of becoming a strong, courageous lion themselves someday.

Let your grandson know that you recognize he has the heart of a lion and possesses all the qualities that make a lion the symbol of strength and leadership. Whenever he wears this dog tag with its powerful message, like a lion cub, he’ll be reminded to dream his biggest dreams and muster the courage and strength to follow them through.  Boys with dreams become men with purpose

Important Necklace Details For You:

• Material: Stainless Steel
• Chain: 20-inch ball chain with pocket snap-clasp
• Pendant: Dog Tag
• Exclusive Deserves Design™
• SKU TST-56
• Ships in 10-14 business days from Sacramento, CA